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Bottle Logic Brewing

Last night I had the pleasure of checking out Bottle Logic. This is a fun brewery that beer geeks will LOVE. The owners and staff could not have been more hospitable and welcoming, offering beers and answering questions for hours. It was obvious that this crew appreciates beer and beer lovers. I am really excited to watch this brewery, they have some fun plans for a beer series. After talking with Brandon, one of the owners, I learned that they are making a lot of beers to classic styles with a modern twist to them. After trying the four beers they had on tap, I can easily say that they nailed that. Expect great things from Bottle Logic Brewing.
Four quick reviews of the beers I had:

Double Actuator – Double India Pale Ale – 9%
“Smooth Mosaic hop bitterness with subtle blueberry, mango & papaya”
Appearance – Clear, pale orange with thin white head.
Aroma – Very floral and earthy, much like the smell when you first open a package of hops.
Taste – Follows the aroma, earthy, floral hops, fruit.
Mouthfeel – Clean and crisp, good carbonation level.
Overall – Nice Double IPA, not too bitter. Slightly different from a traditional DIPA, and way too smooth and easy drinking to be 9%. I hope that this will be a regular offering!

She Shot First – Pale Wheat Ale – 5.4%
“Citrus driven sessionable twist on American Pale Ale”
Appearance – Slightly hazy, straw yellow in color with a foamy white head.
Aroma – Citrus and malt, very mild aroma.
Taste – Yum! Citrus right away, very clean and balnced.
Mouthfeel – Very nice and light, moderately carbonated.
Overall – This is the beer I want if I am drinking all day. Perfect for a warm summer day, it is very drinkable. This is a beer that will turn anyone onto to craft beer.

Tattered Prince – French Style Saison – 7%
“Traditional recipe with new world ingredients – ginger, coriander, orange peel”
Appearance – Light yellow and very hazy with a creamy white head.
Aroma – Funk is the first thing to hit my nose, exactly what I am used to with a saison. Then comes the orange, I didn’t pick up the ginger or coriander much on the aroma.
Taste – Again, the funk of a saison hits me first, followed by the orange and in the taste I can pick up the coriander and ginger a bit more.
Mothfeel – Good body, this feels like a more substantial beer.
Overall – This is a very nice example of a saison and the flavors all worked well together.

Mother Heifer – Milk Stout – 5.5% *served on nitro
“Rich & velvety – smooth brewed with lactose sugar caramel malts and oats”
Appearance – Deep, dark brown – almost black with a creamy, tan head. My first pour was perfect, my second pour was a lot more head that I’d like.
Aroma – Roasty! This beer smells like coffee right away. Lots of sweet malitness and caramel.
Taste – Roasted malt, sweet, balanced bitterness…this is delicious!
Mouthfeel – Rich, velvety, smooth, creamy.
Overall – YUM! At 5.5% I want to drink this all day long. So smooth and very well balanced. This is a beer I would buy over and over again.

I am very impressed with Bottle Logic Brewing. Many times a brewery will open and their beers will be okay, getting better with time. I think that Bottle Logic is opening with solid beers and I can’t wait to see how they evolve over time. One thing that stands out is how well balanced all of their beers are, despite the very different styles. Each one had the right amount of maltiness, bitterness and carbonation making them all very enjoyable. Congrats and good luck Bottle Logic!

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