Firkfest: A Cask Ale Festival

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  FirkfestFirkfest: A Cask Ale Festival

Firkfest is not to be taken lightly for those who are in the craft beer scene. I’ve always said that we have always been in dire need of a different take on a beer festival, and Greg of OC Beer Blog came through with flying, and kind of intoxicated colors.

This event of beer connoisseur was developed to appreciate the cask, or “real ale”. For a quick overview, a cask ale is unfiltered and unpasteurized ale, conditioned (including secondary fermentation) and served from a cask without additional nitrogen or carbon dioxide pressure. Many additions can be added to the cask to invoke a different varietal.

And on March, 22 at the Anaheim Packing District, our palettes rejoiced to what is Firkfest. With 31 California brewers attending and a sold out crowd of 500 attendees, this first year of this festival turned out to be a fantastic success to only benefit Inspire Artistic Minds. With UNLIMITED 55 degree, 4oz pours, Firkfest was pure euphoria  filled with lawn games, music, and friendly conversations between enthusiasts.

Cask ales being poured:

Bottle Logic Brewing – “Anaheim, California”, Leche Mole on Bourbon Chips

The Bruery – Lemoncello Sour and Summers Eve

Anaheim Brewery – 1888 Pre-prohibition style with extra centennial

Noblealeworks – English 101, Simcoe Showers DIPA and Man’s Milk Stout

Phantom Ales – Dry Hopped Cider

Cismontane Brewing – Smokin’ Santiago Scotch Ale w/ Chilies and French Oak – & – The Citizen w/Apricots

Bootlegger’s Brewery – TBD, TBD

Tustin Brewing Company – Bogey’s Dry Irish Stout and Old Town IPA w/additions

Valiant Brewing – Moschendo Mint Coconut Lager, Last Flight American Strong w/Grand Marinier, BBL, figs, cherries, vanilla and coffee (17%!!)

Portola Coffee Lab – Natural processed Ethiopia Kochere Coffee in a used Hungarian oak Cab barrel (on Nitro)

Pizza Port San Clemente –

Firestone Walker Brewing Co. – Velvet Merlin

Beachwood BBQ – Thrillseeker IPA

Smog City Brewing – Lil Bo Pils + Amiarilla Gorilla IPA

Eagle Rock Brewery – Populist IPA

New Belgium Brewing – Snapshot Wheat

Los Angeles Ale Works – 2 casks of Karma Kolsch w/Jasmine Green – & – OCBeerBlog collab Chrysanthemum, Kumquat and Masala Chai tea

Haven Brewing

Golden Road Brewing – Wolf in Heat IPA

El Segundo Brewing Co. – Hyperion’s Vanilla Stout on Rum soaked oak

Monkish Brewing Co. –

  • SPA-ISH, a Belgian Single with cucumber, lemon, mint, and ginger
  • SHE-IST, a Belgian Tripel with hibiscus, cinnamon, and mixed fruit
  • SHAOLIN KICK, a Belgian Dubbel with Sichuan peppercorns, Thai basil, and Sriracha

Bravery Brewing – Citra Ghost Rye Pale, Mocharova Milk Stout w/Coffee and Vanilla beans

Strand Brewing Co – White Sand IIPA w/Simcoe

Figueroa Mountain Brewing – Lizard’s Mouth IIPA w/dried fruits

The Dudes’ Brewing Co. –

Manzanita Distilling Company – Oh Nose Brett IPA and Chaotic DIPA w/Galaxy

The Belching Beaver – Beavers Milk w/Horchata + Me So Honey w/coffee and coconut

Saint Archer Brewing Company – Red Ale w/Amarillo

Karl Strauss Brewing Company – Red Trolly Irish Red w/Rose Hips

Hangar 24 Craft Brewery – Palmero w/date sugar

Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits – Sculpin IPA w/Wai Iti hops

Dale Bros Brewery –

Coachella Valley Brewing Co. – Luke Rye walker Belgian Rye DIPA


In the end, I was drunk, happy, and pissed that I didn’t arrive at the 12:00 start time. I’m really hoping to see this event grow into something bigger and better for next year. If you missed it this year, you completely missed out and it was far greater than the best review you’ve heard. Don’t make the same mistake twice. Until next year, @firkfest

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